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Use the following chart to determine your Calendarscript licensing needs and the corresponding cost ($US):
Single License: The standard license for companies, commercial web sites, and for-profit organizations. $85.00
License 5-Pack: A reduced rate for purchases of 5 standard licenses. $350.00
Non-profit License: A discounted license for non-profit organizations, schools, government uses, churches, clubs, families, other organizations, or individuals. $50.00

License Restrictions:

Number of Domains: One. A license may be used on and accessed from only one domain. That is, you may install a copy of the program on your external web site,, and also on your Intranet at with only one license. If your company uses two or more domains for your organization, however, then a license is required for each domain on which the application will reside.
Number of calendar instances: Unlimited. Any number of distinct calendar displays may be created from within the CalendarScript application.
Number of users:Unlimited. Any number of distinct users may be created from within the CalendarScript application.
Re-distribution: Not allowed. You may not re-sell instances of the application to your users or sub-domains with a standard license.

Payment Methods

Any of the methods below may be used to purchase a license.

Important Note:
You should download and install the program before purchasing a license. The full download is available, and there is no registration code or software sent after a purchase is made (currently).
This approach is taken so you the customer can be 100% happy with your purchase and know that it fits your needs before paying the license fee.
If you should require an invoice or receipt for your organization, please use these online forms to generate them yourself: Invoice Receipt


PayPal is an online commerce service which allows transfer of funds between users on the Internet. If you have a PayPal account, this is the easiest and fastest way to purchase CalendarScript. Note: You do not need to create a PayPal account to purchase from us.
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